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"I don’t take pictures for the sake of photographing. I take photographs to express what’s going on inside of me. Photography turned out to be the most handy tool." - Rumio Sato

My name is Edith Weiler. After twentyfive years as a cosmetologist, eleven years in salon ownership, I went back to school for photography in 1999. The two careers cross over in many interesting ways, making my creativity and interest in people still the most important part of what I do.
Some of my fine art photography is ready to hang and on display in my studio/reception space. By appointment only.
The commissioned side of my photography consists of Tintypes and digital portraiture, intimate weddings, high school seniors, pets, and candid event photography. I also photograph 3D art and some commercial photography. Several size restrictions due to studio space.

No matter what the event or occasion, my preference is to always meet with the client first to talk about what is desired, how it all works, then I can give a realistic quote for the session or event. At that time we go over the formalities, including a non-refundable booking and/or sitting fee deposit. Investment and style of my photography stay within guidelines and costs that fit nicely with different tastes and budgets.
Portraits - On location or in studio.
Weddings - I cater to the intimate wedding with the smaller guest list. Each approach is as different as the client involved.
Event Photography - Mostly candid shots and photojournalism style images. 

TINTYPES - 19th century Wet-Plate Collodion Process

Wedding Photography - starting at $800.00
Event Photography starting at $200.00
Portrait Photography $125.00 *To include TINTYPES, all one-of-a-kind.
Art and Commercial starting at $50.00/hr
Pet Photography $50.00
Please contact me for more information about what investments include.

It's important to me that each client get what they want.
IF for some reason I am not the photographer for you, I will direct you to another well suited professional photographer.

Thank you 


JULY 16-17 2016

11 a.m. ~ 7 p.m.

Exhibit and Sale in the Arts and Crafts Building

Tintypes of self-made Project: People Place and Things in Deerfeld, NH

Deerfield 250th Celebration on the Fairgrounds 

See the full celebration schedule on Facebook


SOLO Tintype Exhibition
Kimball Jenkins Art School ~ Concord, NH

266 N Main St, Concord, NH 03301
Opening Reception April 7 5-7 2016

39 (!) one-of-a-kind handmade tintypes on display. 
uring the reception will be running CD's of Camp Tintype and John Coffer's instructional practices on how the tintype is made.
ALSO ! Preview tintypes of Deerfield, NH  celebrating the town's 250th for an art show in July. 

SATURDAY only  Sept 25 '15

10 a.m. - 3 p.m.

I have been commissioned to talk,demonstrate and make 19th century tintypes at the Sugar Hill Historical Museum.  Thrilled to be a part of this two day event honoring the museum's "Flash Back-photographs by Rev. Samuel Stickney Nickerson (1835-1930)"

Sugar Hill Historical Museum 1411 Route 117, Sugar Hill,NH

My talks are at 11:15 a.m. & 2:15 p.m. Sponsored by Harman's Cheese and Country Store Sugar Hill, NH

Other speakers sure to be of interest are about children's books, NH History through 7 generations,and photography by Lloyd Alexander *Let's Take A Journey;Inside Nature's Mystical World.

For more information visit:


SAT June 20 '15

10a.m. 2p.m.

I will be making Tintypes at Wild Grace's for an event. Check out their web-site for more information.


Past solo Tintype EXHIBITION
"Romancing the Tintype"
19th Century Wet Plate Collodion
Reflecting a four-month project creating one-of-a -kind tintypes in modern day. Portraits and Still Life made open air and hand developed in an ice-fishing tent turned darkroom.
OVER thirty artists, family, and friends participated in the project. I LOVE and thank you all.
FRIDAY NOV 21 2014 5-7 pm
Show dates: Nov 22 - Jan 3
Epsom Public Library - 1606 Dover Road - Epsom, NH 03234



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My introduction to art appreciation started at an early age, with close family and friends who were extremely talented in many types of artistic expression, including music. My earliest memories of photography started when my grandmother would often show a hard-cover copy of National Geographic.
In it was an article about her first cousin, Dr. William Harding Longley, a botanist who, in 1926, partnered with Kodak to make an underwater camera that photographed the FIRST COLOR underwater image. This camera now rests in the archives at the Smithsonian Institution in Washington DC. An article describing this remarkable partnership can be found on National Geographic’s website.

Summary of Artistic Background, Affiliations and Achievements
- 2011 - 2014 Member of NH Society Photographic Artists, an invitational membership process.
- 2005 – 2013 Member of NH Art Association.
NHAA membership is determined by a semi-annual jury process.
- 2004 Graduated from NH Institute of Art with a Certificate in Photography. I remain at NHIA in the Continuing Education Program and take part in the NHIA Alumni Association.
- 2002 – 2013 Member of the Women’s Caucus for Art (WCA/NH Chapter), a nationwide invitational association. Served as Exhibitions Coordinator from 2005 -2009. Helped coordinate fourteen exhibitions during that four-year tenure, giving great art exposure and opportunities.
- 2000 – present Member of New Hampshire Professional Photographers’ Association. Earned more than twenty-five ribbons in NHPPA’s yearly print competition, including a Judge’s Choice Award in 2002. NHPPA is a juried membership.

* Springs 2010,2012 & 2015 Attended workshops at Camp Tintype with John Coffer. 

Publication and exhibit listings available upon request.

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